Top Common Questions in Interview

 Preparing for a job interview makes the difference between success and failure. The Top Common Questions in Interview below will help you. Good luck!

1.     Tell me about yourself.

2.     What are your strengths?

3.     What are your weaknesses?

4.     What is your father’s name & his job profile?

5.     What is your family background?

6.     What are your hobbies and interests?

7.     If you will not get success this time then what will you do?

8.     Tell me About Your Educational background?

9.     Tell me About Your previous achievements?

10.  What is the Job Profile of bank PO?

11.  Why should I hire you?

12.  What do you know about banking?

13.  What do you know about Railway?

14.  What is a Bank?

15.  What is Indian Economy?

16.  Do you consider yourself a leader?

17.  What is Indian Constitution?

18.  Tell me about this organization?

19.  Who is the founder of this organization?

20.  Who is your ideal or a person who inspired you most?

21.  How will your professional knowledge be helpful in this career?

22.  Do you have any plans for further education?

23.  As a student of Science, why didn’t you go for higher studies?

24.  As a student of Commerce, why didn’t you go for higher studies?

25.  As a student of Art, why didn’t you go for higher studies?

26.  As a student of Computer Science, why didn’t you go for higher studies?

27.  Newspapers and magazine which you prefer to read? Name the Editor of Newspaper?

28.  Why should we select you?

29.  Why do you want to be an Officer?

30.  Any girlfriend? If not then why?

31.  Any boyfriend? If not then why?

32.  What is your idea of life?

33.  Do you like working alone?

34.  What is the importance of hobby in our life?

35.  Why could you not get success yet?

36.  Have you been cleared any exam before it?

37.  What are your salary expectations?

38.  What salary do you want to earn?

39.  If you don’t get final selection in this examination to what would you do?

40.  Why don’t you join your family business?

41.  Do you handle pressure well?

42.  Do you have any location preferences?

43.  Your ideal person, leader, party and why?

44.  Does anybody serve in the banking industry from your family? If yes then who they are and in which bank they are serving?

45.  Are you a team player?

46.  Can you work nights?

47.  Do you work well with others?

48.  Can we contact your references?

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