Full Forms of Computer Terms

SAP – System Application & Products
PDF – Portable Document Format
API – Application Programming Interface
Computer – Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used for Technology Education and Research
USB – Universal Serial Bus
ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
MIS – Management Information Systems
Virus – Vital Information Resources Under Seize
DVD – Digital Video Disk or Digital Versatile Disc
WWW – World Wide Web
MIS Report – Management Information Systems Report
SQL – Structured Query Language
AJAX – Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
IT – Information Technology
SPSS – Statistical Package for the Social Sciences
GNU- General Public License
JPEG or JPG – Joint Photographic Experts Group
ASCII – American Standard Code for Information Interchange
DTP – Desk-Top Publishing
CPU – Central Processing Unit
ITES – Information Technology Enabled Services
KPO-Knowledge Process Outsourcing
BPO-Business Process Outsourcing
BOO-Back Office Operations
LPO-Legal Process Outsourcing
GPO-Game Process Outsourcing
ALU- Arithmetic Logic Unit
SATA – Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
CD – Compact Disc
BASIC – Beginner All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
CRM – Customer Relationship Management
PNG – Portable Network Graphics
COBOL – COmmon Business Oriented Language
FORTRAN – FORmula TRANslation
SMPS – Switched-Mode Power Supply
ATA – Advanced Technology Attachment
PATA – Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment
RAM – Random Access Memory
MP3 – MPEG Audio Layer 3
BIOS – Basic Input Output System
IDE – Integrated Development Environment
SAS – Statistical Analysis System
GIF – Graphics Interchange Format
SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol
UNICS – UNiplexed Information Computing System
UNICS became Unix
EDP – Electronic Data Processing
ECC – ERP Central Component
OMR – Optical Mark Recognition
VLC – VideoLAN Client

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