General Questions of Interview

1. Tell us about yourself.
Ans: I am Samir Bharati, belong to Patna, father’s name is Mr. Sanjay Bharati, he is a businessperson, Mrs. Sima Bharati is my mother’s name, she is a housewife. I had my schooling and HSC from BSEB Patna with 1st class. Now I am pursuing my B.C.A.

2. Tell us what you know about our company.
Ans: Your Company is best company of the world where all facilities are available among other company.

3. Could you tell us about your qualification?
Ans: I had my schooling and intermediate from BSEB Patna with 67& 60%. Now I am pursuing BCA from SMU in fourth semester.

4. Why did you choose to study this subject?
Ans: It’s very interesting and easy to me.

5. What was the most difficult assignment you had to tackle while at university?
Ans: My first semester assignment was most difficult for me because I am aware from this type of assignment.

6. What project did you do?
Ans: I answered about 120 questions which are directly asked by university.

7. What subject did you like best?
Ans: My best subject was mathematics and computer science, I like them very much.

8. What subject were you good at?
Ans: I was good in programming language.

9. How do you measure success at work?
Ans: I measure success at work according to my work speed, hard work and apply my brain.

10. How do you cope under pressure?
Ans: I am creative and cool person in under pressure I become cool and work step by step, And myself under pressure.

11. What would you say is your greatest strength?
Ans: I would like to say my greatest strength is always tried to speak truth.

12. How do you set about prioritizing workload?
Ans: I set my prioritizing workload according to demand.

13. How do you plan for weak?
Ans: Very simple I know well my life style that’s why in very easy way I plan for weak.

14. Is there anything that you don’t like about your job?
Ans: Seniority and illegal works.

15. What would you do if someone uncovered a mistake you made?
Ans: I will to try to cover that type of mistake in any how otherwise I will do something special to uncovered mistake I had do.

16. What do you think about our organization?
Ans: I think your organization is best organization of the world.

17. Have you visited our website?
Ans: Yah.

18. What do think about it?
Ans: I think it’s very good all information’s are available there.

19. Why do want to work for us?
Ans: I visited your website I saw all things are suited me. And I have to work.

20. Have received job offers from anyone else?
Ans: No it’s my first try.

21. If one of our competitors offered you a job now, would you accept?
Ans: No I have fully confident you will give me job so why.

22. What would say is your greatest achievement?
Ans: If I work hare it’s my great achievement.

23. What are your three great strengths?
Ans: My three strengths are, first always try to speak truth, second work hard and always last try for best.

24. How do you cope with disappointment?
Ans: This question pinch me but very simple I will think I am not able and I will try to get more and I will be appointed net time.

25. Can you say ‘no’?
Ans: Never.

26. What are your hobbies?
Ans: My hobbies are playing cricket and watching cricket.

27. What are your interests outside work?
Ans: Reading books and magazines.

28. What are the areas you want improve?
Ans: I want to improve my career in this field higher and higher.

29. Where do you see yourself in three years’ time’?
Ans: I would like to see myself after three years on your position.

30. How many hours do you expect to work in a weak to get the job done?
Ans: Maximum time of weak I can do approx sixty hours of weak.

31. What do think is the difference between a manager and a leader?
Ans: I think manager is better than a leader, because leader forgets their duties after election but manager can do it.

32. You have got a third class degree .we are looking for someone with a very good academic performance. Why should we consider you?
Ans: It’s your will. I think degree is only get pass that’s why you can consider about me.

33. How good are you at your verbal skills?
Ans: You can think I am before you.

34. On a scale of 10 where would you place yourself?
Ans: I think it’s not enough, on the scale of 10 I can’t do for you, if you want then pay more

35. How long you intend to work for us?
Ans: If you would like then permanent otherwise it’s depend on my fulfillment.

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