Common Sentences for Daily use

Common Sentences for Daily use
Ajay reads newspaper in the morning.
Ajay was working in the office.
Amit will come here tomorrow.
Can you drive a bike?
Have you not gone there?
He can jump from here.
He comes here.
He does not go there every day.
He has not a computer.
He is not my brother.
He take tea every day.
I am going from here.
I can play cricket.
I do not like to eat banana.
I do not want to learn English.
I go to New Delhi.
I have a car.
I have read the newspaper.
I have sent the letter.
Is he your brother?
Is Ravi your teacher?
Is she your sister?
Keshav does not like to play cricket daily.
Mahesh was playing cricket there.
Mahesh was poor that time.
Mohan can speak English.
Mohan has a new computer.
Mohan is coming from there.
Mohan is not here.
Mohan jumps from here.
Mohan play cricket.
Ramesh dictates 50 words in the classroom.
Ravi operates computers.
Shashi runs on the road.
She is coming from America.
Will he learn English?
Will she learn Hindi?
You are not cutting the tree.
You are not reading the book.
You have not read the book.

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